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‘The Flash’ Movie Set For ‘2020’ Release “If All Goes Well”



It’s no secret that The Flash project has had its fair share of problems. After multiple directors and writers, the duo now in charge of the project are John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, both are set to direct the film. I’m trying not to get carried away here but it feels like the studio won’t be making any more major changes to the project.

Whilst we haven’t heard any updates about the project such as if it’s going to be a solo Flash movie or Flashpoint we might have got our most important one yet from John Francis Daley. Last night Daley took to Twitter for a Q&A and as you would have expected he was bombarded with nothing but questions surrounding the Flash project. One Twitter user asked him about a potential 2020 release for the movie and he responded with “If all goes well, sometime in 2020”.

This is huge, clearly, they have been working on the project behind the scenes and they are confident enough to expect its release in 2020. This would validate those rumours that surfaced last month about the studio aiming to start shooting the project early next year.

Going by that same notion “If all goes well” we could have the first ever live action Flash movie and the much anticipated Batman movie in 2020. The Flash as the summer movie and The Batman in autumn sounds like the perfect combination to me.
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SOURCE: Twitter