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Likely Roster For James Gunn’s ‘The Suicide Squad’ Revealed



James Gunn’s rebootequel of The Suicide Squad will once again give super villains a chance at reducing their prison sentences, in exchange for carrying out top-secret suicide missions for the government.

With Idris Elba in talks to replace Will Smith as Deadshot and Margot Robbie likely to return as Harley Quinn, Collider have now revealed the rest of Gunn’s potential team for the upcoming film.

• King Shark — Nanaue is a humanoid shark who originally terrorized Hawaii, but now operates as a member of the Suicide Squad. Contrary to popular belief, King Shark is indeed a shark.

• Ratcatcher — Otis Flannegan uses his almost preternatural ability to train rodents in committing crimes as… the Ratcatcher. This role is said to be gender-swapped and play by a woman.

• Peacemaker — Christopher Smith is the Peacemaker, a motorcycle driving, gun-toting vigilante bent on bringing peace to the world.

• Polka-dot Man — A minor Batman villain from the Silver Age who turns the Polka-Dots on his costume into weapons.

The return of Harley, Deadshot and the addition of King Shark has me excited, the other characters I’m not to keen on, particularly Polka-Dot Man, I don’t get him. But knowing Gunn he’ll make it work as he has a knack for making quirky characters

Dave Bautista is being eyed for the role of Peacemaker according to Collider, Gunn and him have a close relationship after working on Guardians of the Galaxy together

What do you think of the potential Suicide Squad roster? Hit the comments below.

The film will shoot this Fall and is scheduled for release August 6, 2021.


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