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‘Aquaman’ Becomes First Billion Dollar Film In The DC Extended Universe



Aquaman, Mera, & Orm

A Billion For Aquaman

Aquaman has now officially earned over $1 Billion dollars at the World Wide Box Office. Now what? Celebrate. Zack Snyder saw the potential and James Wan delivered. With Jason Momoa playing the titular character, they all proved that critics have zero influence on DC Films; hopefully. When you consider that Wonder Woman was praised for distinguishing itself from the rest of the DC Films, it’s actually humorous.

I actually believe unless a film is created by Zack Snyder, it should adhere to whatever the director wants to create. That is what creative freedom is all about, right? So even though I may have disagreed with some things in Aquaman, that doesn’t mean I think it does Zack a disservice. I respect that James Wan was able to create the film he intended without Studio interference. We know what that is in reference to.

World Wide Box Office

It’s funny; the box office. Some think a film earning money doesn’t equate to quality. Of course, each film is different in that retrospect. When Marvel Films earn the amount, it’s celebrated as if they’re the only films to achieve it. So when it comes to some of their films, I can understand the complaint that a billion doesn’t mean anything. First, they get praise from everyone because anyone aged 3 and up can watch any of them. Secondly, they created the cinematic shared universe concept back in 2008, right? (that’s a joke)

But why when adult-oriented films happen to include Superheroes, praise for an intellectual film gets thrown out the window? Actually, that question mainly pertains to DC Films since 2013. But it’s become pretty evident. Sure I could get into how the RT score for Aquaman dropped majorly once the film got released in North America, but it’s pointless. Instead, check these figures from the International Market contribution in total:

Man of Steel (2013) 56.4%

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) 62.2%

Suicide Squad (2016) 56.5% (Without China but with studio interference)

Wonder Woman (2017) 49.8% (Only critically approved DC Film)

Justice League (2017) 65.2% (Only Film directed by committee)

Aquaman (2018) 70% Currently


Based on those statistics, had Suicide Squad opened in China, that figure would have climbed over Batman v Superman. Just look at Justice League to see how quickly word of mouth prevented that film from barely gaining the advantage. But what that tells me is that DC Characters were always earning more internationally. Therefore, is it really surprising that Aquaman is over the billion dollar mark? I’d say it’s on par for the course and the market is more prominent than people realize.

Had Zack been able to release his version of Justice League, maybe Aquaman is the 2nd film to reach the achievement.  No one knows, but the numbers were improving with each film, minus Wonder Woman, to show an increase in ticket sells. Unfortunately, the Studio was just influenced by a minority who thought they could make a better film than Zack Snyder. Hopefully, they learned from that experience and we get director-driven films more often.

Aquaman & Mera

Aquaman Poster



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